The Advantages of Custom Building Your Own Computer

Many people, including myself, choose to custom build our own computers from scratch, part by part. Although it is very fun to build your own computer, this isn’t the only reason that we choose to build it ourselves. There are many advantages to building your own computer.

1. Low Cost

Isn’t money the number one motivation to do anything? When I say building it yourself is low cost, I really mean it. You aren’t going to save just a little bit either. I am talking about savings of up to $800 when you build it yourself. That’s right! The brand name pre-built computers are way overpriced. They are making a killing off of you. The only thing that is worse than the brand name pre-built computers are those online custom computer configuration shops. I am talking about those guys that let you choose your own parts, assemble it for you, and then ship it to you. Those guys rip you off big time!

2. Building a Computer is a Great Skill

How many households have a computer today? A recent survey estimates that as much as 80% of American households have at least one computer. Some households have more than one. Hell, I have three computers and one notebook in my house! Now think about it. Building a computer is a skill that can be used in over 80% of American households.

3. You Will Learn so Much

When you first build a computer, you gain a lot of knowledge. You will learn about all kinds of things that you never would have stopped to think about. Maybe you will learn that you are more into technology than you first thought. All of the best jobs are in IT. Who knows? Maybe after you build your first computer you’ll be ready to change careers!

4. You Know Exactly What is Under the Hood

Besides low costs, this is the second biggest reason why I choose to custom build all of my computers. Big computer retailers throw in all kinds of low-quality parts into your system. Many of the parts don’t even have a brand name. When somebody asks you what kind of video card is in your computer you won’t even know because the computer vendor doesn’t have to tell you! They do it on a daily basis. Go to any website that sells computers and try to find out what brand of parts are used inside of the computer. I guarantee you won’t find the names of the parts anywhere! Even those online custom computer configuration guys do it. They put generic, no-name parts into your computer, then charged you an extra $800 for nothing! That money goes straight into their pockets. If you decided to custom build your own computer you could have put that money into a faster processor, a better graphics card, more memory. You could have used that $800 to build an entire gaming rig! Build your own computer with all custom ordered parts and you will know exactly what brand and model of parts are being used in your computer. Besides that, you know the parts are high quality.

5. Most Parts Come With a 1-Year Warranty

That’s right! You know how most brand name computer warranties are void even if you just open up the case or touch any of the parts? Well not with a custom built computer. Each part that you order will come with it’s own warranty. That means you get a separate warranty for the case, the processor, the memory, the hard drive, etc. If one part goes bad you can just send it back for a new one. It’s really hard to void these warranties also. As long as you don’t pour a bottle of Coca-Cola all over your computer, the warranty should be fine.

As you can see, the advantages of custom building your own computer seriously outweigh those of buying a pre-built computer. Building your own computer really isn’t as hard as you’d think either. You probably know somebody who could help you build your first one. And even if you don’t, a lot of instructions come with the parts that you buy. The first time I built a computer alone, it took me a little over an hour to do it. Now I can build one in maybe 30 minutes to an hour. The time it takes is nothing when you think of the fact that you are saving hundreds of dollars by doing it yourself!

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